NPR spots

14 March 2017 SPOTS
Ever since I moved to Delaware to work for WDDE, I’ve been reporting on local issues of national importance for NPR.

Collaborative Care model integrates primary care and behavioral health in the First State

15 April 2016 WDDE
The integration of primary care physicians with behavioral health specialists is a practice that’s starting to catch on across the country, and in the First State. A program piloted at Christiana Care over the past year has worked to integrate mental health professionals into the primary care setting. Delaware Public Media\'s Megan Pauly reports [...]

Don’t Count On Travel Insurance To Cover Mental Health

02 May 2014 NPR SHOTS BLOG
It’s bad enough to be sick at home in your own bed, but so much worse when on vacation. People often buy travel insurance so they don’t lose the money they spent on airfare and hotels if they can’t travel due to illness. But if that illness happens to be a mental health issue, don’t ...

How Many Berlins Are There In The U.S.?

21 February 2014 NPR BERLIN
Berlin is well-known as the capital of Germany, but as it turns out, there are dozens of towns named Berlin all over the United States. To document the history of these towns, the German-American Heritage Museum in Washington D.C. decided to create the exhibit “Berlins Made in USA.” Carl Anderson, an employee at the German-American ...

Cato research proposes U.S. go to submarine-only nuclear delivery system

15 October 2013
WASHINGTON — The U.S. nuclear weapon triad system — bombers, land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles — wastes billions of dollars and could be streamlined to just one delivery system, according to research released Tuesday by the libertarian Cato Institute. The research recommended cutting bombers and land-based missiles for nuclear weapons, saying submarines ...

How Police Officers Are (or Aren’t) Trained in Mental Health

11 October 2013 The Atlantic
The recent Capitol Hill shooting of an unarmed woman by police officers, and the uncertainty surrounding her mental state at the time she drove her car into a White House barricade, is a stark reminder of the uncomfortable interplay between mental illness and law enforcement in times of crisis. Without the appropriate amount of mental ...

NSA metadata system’s constitutional debate not black and white

08 October 2013
WASHINGTON — On Capitol Hill, the debate over the constitutionality of the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records rages on. Despite the recent declassification of a top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruling from Aug. 29 that decided that the metadata system is constitutional, the Senate Judiciary Committee called in legal experts to ...

Senators up in arms about percentage of intelligence employees furloughed

03 October 2013
WASHINGTON — National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander and James Clapper told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that 70 percent of intelligence employees have been furloughed since the federal government shutdown began two days ago, shocking the committee. “You scared the hell out of all of us,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “For our Republican ...