Summer Learning Collaborative tackles summer learning achievement gap

01 July 2016 WDDE
Click here to view on Delaware Public Media Summer is a critical time for kids, with the achievement gap widening for many low-income kids. Delaware Public Media’s Megan Pauly tells us more about a unique summer program aiming to help close that gap. Delaware Public Media’s Megan Pauly visits the Summer Learning Collaborative. Barthelemy Atsin ...

Local artist, writer pay tribute to Amy Joyner-Francis through painting, poem

02 May 2016 WDDE
Click here to view on Delaware Public Media Local author and writer Autumn Johns was among those deeply saddened by the death of Howard High School student Amy Joyner-Francis, and she wrote a poem called “My Sister of Howard High School.” Click here to listen to Autumn Johns read her poem “My Sister of Howard ...

Collaborative Care model integrates primary care and behavioral health in the First State

15 April 2016 WDDE
The integration of primary care physicians with behavioral health specialists is a practice that’s starting to catch on across the country, and in the First State. A program piloted at Christiana Care over the past year has worked to integrate mental health professionals into the primary care setting. Delaware Public Media\'s Megan Pauly reports [...]

With Food And Friendship, Sikh Group Reaches Out To Montgomery Co. Educators

04 December 2015 WAMU
Click here to view the story on WAMU After the recent Paris attacks, anti-Islamic sentiments and racial profiling are at risk of rising in the United States. Sikh men wear turbans for religious reasons, and are sometimes wrongly mistaken for Muslims and even terrorists. A local Montgomery County group is trying to change this by ...

Going Inside The Life Of A Woman Living With Hoarding Disorder

12 September 2014 WAMU
Click here to view story on WAMU Suzanne is the vice president of a large bank. She’s been living with — and managing — her bipolar disorder for years. But Suzanne, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, also allowed clutter to accumulate in her house and eventually it got so bad that ...

After Years of Struggle with Schizophrenia, One Man Shares His Story

20 June 2014 WAMU
Click here to view story on WAMU Stephen has been living with schizophrenia since he was in his teens. He’s 36 now, and for years, his story was one of delusions, misdiagnoses, hospitalizations, and brushes with the law. “I’ve had my ups and downs,” Stephen says. “But that’s the context of how things happen, there ...

Wing Walkers Seek High-Flying Thrills at Virginia Air Show

06 June 2014 WAMU
Click here to view story on WAMU The Flying Circus in Bealeton, Virginia was started in 1970 by a group of guys who wanted to pay homage to the barnstorming era of the 1920s, when pilots would fly throughout the country selling airplane rides, usually operating from a farmer’s field. For 44 years, the Flying ...