Local artist, writer pay tribute to Amy Joyner-Francis through painting, poem

02 May 2016 WDDE
Click here to view on Delaware Public Media Local author and writer Autumn Johns was among those deeply saddened by the death of Howard High School student Amy Joyner-Francis, and she wrote a poem called “My Sister of Howard High School.” Click here to listen to Autumn Johns read her poem “My Sister of Howard ...

Collaborative Care model integrates primary care and behavioral health in the First State

15 April 2016 WDDE
The integration of primary care physicians with behavioral health specialists is a practice that’s starting to catch on across the country, and in the First State. A program piloted at Christiana Care over the past year has worked to integrate mental health professionals into the primary care setting. https://cpa.ds.npr.org/wdde/audio/2016/04/collaborative_care_mixdown2.mp3 Delaware Public Media\'s Megan Pauly reports [...]